First things first

This section will cover how I set up the GitLab repository used for this project’s documentation, which was actually our first assignment in the fundamentals course.

Having installed GitForWindows, I launched the bash version of the software and navigated to my local Desktop directory via cd Desktop.

There I used the git clone [link] command in order to make a local copy of the previously initiated online GitLab repository named “digital fabrication fundamentals”, which provided me with a local copy to work with and push to the remote repository using the git commit and git push functions respectively.

Screenshot of the locally cloned directory in windows explorer and git bash

After ensuring that everything was up to snuff using the git status command, I grabbed the master template graciously provided to us for creating our very own project documentation with the help of mkdocs, made several small changes and began banging out the very file that would become this page using markdownpad.


After using git add * followed by git commit in git bash to index all the newly created, moved, deleted, or changed files I ran git push in order to publish said changes to the remote GitLab repository, which automatically started the pipeline for generating a web page from the provided materials.

First instance of the docs page

After moving some things around to ensure this documentation wound up in its proper place in the site’s Assignments tab and cleaning up a bit along the way, I was all set-up and ready to start my very own Digital Fabrication Journey!